Antique Looking Artistic Wooden Cane With Solid Brass Knob



A walking cane is a necessary thing to carry while walking across uneven surfaces and unknown paths with ease while creating a fine balance. Take your walking experience a few notches higher by taking the vintage-looking wooden cane having complete artistic engraved work on the same that dates back to the past European culture. This hard wood-made durable walking cane is specifically crafted with hands while keeping the authentic finish intact. The solid brass made knob at the top of the cane is the major highlight that features engraved looking artistic finish, ergonomic handling, and shiny finish to bestow major attention around. The three-fold detachable cane is best to attach using the internal screws and provides a handy appeal while carrying even inside a small bag. Lay hands on this magnificent-looking and fully handmade wooden cane to make walking experiences more memorable.


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